Can you hate a religion without hating its followers?

Asked by: HenryGBR
  • I hate 60% of Chrstians in General

    Im a Muslim who converted from chrsitanity I don't hate all Chrstians but I hate a good amount and the religion it's self it is hypocratic and evil and says god is a hypocrite. Some of the followers are nice but don't have the right idea on life. Chrstianity and the ultra-religious Chrstians are annoying they say "We are good Chrstian people" so that means people who arnt Christan are evil?

  • It’s the religious leaders that are to blame for most of the world’s problems, not their followers.

    Christian leaders call their worshippers their “flocks” implying that they act like sheep and follow religious instructions unquestionably and as a group.

    Worshippers are not encouraged to challenge their religious leaders or their scriptures rather that they should “have faith”. Religious leaders of all faiths prey on emotionally vulnerable and impressionable people who they indoctrinate and mould to do their evil bidding so that the leaders don’t have to get their hands dirty. This is especially true with evangelical Christians, Zionist Jews and Islamic fundamentalists.

    I don’t hate the followers of religion, even right-wing Christian extremists, Jewish settler groups and Islamic terrorists, I just feel sorry for them.

  • Your opinion of a person doesn't have to change with what they believe in

    Just because I may disagree with someone over their beliefs doesn't mean I can't like them as a person. And also, many people are different with their religions. As an example, half of religious people say being gay is unnatural and is a sin while the other half says God loves all. They follow the same religion but have different opinions on it. So I can hate a religion but the people may be decent and share my own opinions.

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