Can you imagine yourself killing another person?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Like the end of Of Mice and Men.

    If a close friend of mine was being pursued for something he didn’t do, Or if they couldn’t bear life anymore, Then yes, I’d want to show mercy and end their suffering. Their life would be too painful to live any longer. Like George ended Lennie’s. However I wouldn’t murder someone.

  • I can most certainly imagine in my head.

    Unfortunately, watching a few too many LiveLeak videos has filled my mind with the knowledge of what death looks like. So I can certainly imagine the visuals, and the knowledge has in fact helped write many scenes for my stories.

    As for doing it? Depends on who's on the other end.

  • A possible horror

    The reason why I think most people could kill another human is due to the adrenaline effect that would turn on during certain circumstances. People are naturally inclined to react in the natural instinct. If someone were intruding in our house, most people would respond with flight than fight and if it came down to it they would be willing to kill.

  • It's human nature

    If you are attacked or are at the risk of being killed, you would do what ever possible to survive - that is not wrong, it is just basic human nature and humans will to survive. It also does help that I which to fulfil a career in the military. Killing is ok if necessary. In some cases it can be the one for the many.

  • Of course I would, but I wouldn't like it.

    I don't know who originally said this quote. Nevertheless, "Always love everyone and be kind to everyone but always have a plan on how you would kill them." Everyone has the ability to do what they want and if they choose to try and hurt me or someone around me they will be stopped... If by death then so be it.

  • I can, but I would rather not kill if I don't have to.

    Killing is a last resort. I don't want to get killed and I'd live better without looking over my shoulder. If everyone was going around murdering each other, it would be a very tough situation. It would be bad for everyone.

    Sure it could be a one time thing... But hey! If we can't all be murdering each other, then We can't let some smart asses just step over the lines we have set out so that we can live in peace.

    If you're thinking about killing someone, please do not do it. You'd be making the world a worse place for everyone, even yourself.

  • Only when it comes to survival :

    As, Charles Darwin said, we go by the philosophy survival of the fittest. So, whenever if there is a need to kill for the survival or for humanity, then I would definitely do it without any hesitation. Also, when it comes to my family if it is necessary then I would not think twice. We should protect whom we love even we are on the wrong path.

  • Of course I could

    I think about it all of the time. I would absolutely kill someone for a just cause or to protect my family or country. I do not know why so many of these people would find it difficult to kill someone, but I guess to each is to own, right?

  • I think anyone can under the right circumstances.

    For me personally death has never even fazed me, if someone attacked me with the intent to kill, I feel I likely would kill them. To me it's odd that I feel I could kill someone because I don't even kill mosquitoes, but I'm sure I could and be over it in maybe a week's time. I hope I don't kill someone, and even if attacked I would avoid ending their life, but I physically could and mentally probably could as well.

  • No doubt in my mind

    My dream has always been to become a police officer in Berlin Germany. I have to be able to come to terms with the possibility that I might have to take someone else's life. Currently I'm a senior in High school and I've honestly wished death upon 95% of my school because their over opinionated boot wearing flannel wearing unintelligent morons who think shoveling cow shit is more important than a doctor.Plus they think there better than everyone else because they live in the country. I'm a city person if you haven't already guessed.

  • Murder is bad

    I couldnt imagine myself killing another human as long as I live! Murder is awful and hurts everyone who knew the person who was killed and it sends bad feelings to everyone. If you say you could murder someone you arent human and dont deserve to have all that you do.

  • I think it is too cruel

    In m opinion, starting to kill someone isn't the right way to finish an argument. You either go to jail or your enemy go to jail. Fight, war, being cruel is not the right way to solve problem, you still have such as so many ways to end it up. Why you choose to be cruel?

  • Just, just wrong

    All that we know, killing is bad, along with hurting, but shooting is the last resort for defence, i am a good person and will never hurt others unless i have to. But look at 9/11 for an example of what can happen when something small turns big, like a chain reation.

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