Can you judge gods actions if you know right from wrong?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Those who know right from wrong know the following things

    God hurting innocent people is just like a criminal hurting innocent people. Its not wrong because the two equal people are ranked the same. Its wrong because they dont deserve it when they have done nothing to deserve it. Whether your god or a person if you hurt someone without good reason then you have treated a person in a way they dont deserve to be treated. You have then treated them less than fair. So god hurting innocent people is no different than you or i hurting other people because it doesnt matter who you are. What matters is what they deserve. Its common sense. And speaking of the idea that you cant judge gods actions because they are beyond our understanding. If that is true then then this creation is beyond our understanding and you dont know whether or not there is a god. Ever think about that? So when its convenient for you you can understand gods work but when its not you cant. Or is it that we cant and you can? The gods that are considered to be perfect all contradict each other morally and otherwise so they cant all be perfect. So why then are they all believed to be perfect? We dont know what perfect is yet we make assumptions on whos perfect and whos not? That is ridiculous. Maybe if you theists thought a little more and read a little less you would stop contradicting yourelves

  • Yes you can judge but...

    It well do no good, there gods you see, and well most likely have a very different (and rather cosmic) view of right and wrong, and since there gods, they can bend your will to make them agree them or just smite you if you disagree with them, or worse, have fun with you.

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