Can you justify "gods" putting us here to suffer from evil misery and pain while watching others be happy?

Asked by: steffon66
  • But of course:

    If a deity saw it fit to put humans through a rigorous test in order to see and seek champions for their cause it is no different than humans putting other humans through a rigorous test to see and seek their own champions. It is justifiable as a process just be the merit of wanting to test and maintain loyalty for whatever cause you have ahead of you. It is equivalent to a lifelong interview.

  • Depending on which god we're discussing, definitely.

    If you support the idea of a divine entity(s) than depending upon which you believe, it makes sense to agree with this claim.

    Some gods care little for us and our plight, only being mortals, others are intentionally malicious, and seek to do us harm, and still others are in a constant struggle between good and bad parties working for and against our well-being.

    You've even got some that are truly evil but paint themselves as peace loving and forgiving, if one subscribes to these gods among others.

  • Sure i suppose.

    I could hypothesize many possible justifications.
    A test for humankind,
    an unknown ultimate purpose,
    the blueprint for an even more chosen species to learn from,
    the golden rule exists on an incomprehensible scale,
    to know ultimate glory we must first know and understand pain and suffering,
    to show the chosen our history and supply a deep and vivid background for God's plan.

  • You come out ahead at the end.

    I had a religion teacher which I asked near the same question to a few years ago. She responded and told me that god creates challenges for us, but only ones we are capable of overcoming. She also told me that we always prosper from challenges sometimes there for is to become closer to god, to become more grateful, to become stronger, to help someone else, to gain wisdom and intelligence, to prove something to ourselves...Etc. You get the point. In personal experience I have found this to be true, many times I've doubted the truth of this but I have found it to be truthful at the end.

  • Challenges are to be overcome

    Yes, god put us here to be challenged so we can better ourselves, development is our purpose. Its illogical to assume that we were made to suffer, because we weren't, we were made to grow, learn, and change so that we are more worthy to live in our gods presence.

  • Without free choice we are robots

    If there was only good and love in the world how would God know that he is loved. Even God felt alone and wanted to be loved so he created life. If God created life programmed to love him how can he feel loved? He gives us free choice so that when we chose love he truly knows we are choosing him. How can we know something is good if we have nothing to compare it to.

  • No, I can't justify anything.

    First and foremost, the question is flawed in that assumes something - that God put us here for the purpose of suffering while others are happy. How did one reach such a conclusion? How can you analyze God's intents and motivations? It would be akin to a painting attempting to analyze and contemplate the painter - it is impossible. Furthermore, even if this was the case, that God put us here to merely observe us suffering, then we can still justify nothing. We are entirely powerless - we are insignificant. Our mere infinitesimally small subjective "justifications" mean next to nothing, should such a God exist.

  • Gods evil himself if he did this to us

    Why would someone who is all powerful and could do anything put animals in the wild to eat each other alive for survival? Why would god make some rich and satisfied and some poor and desperate? Why would god make some retarded and some so smart they could build rockets and leave the planet? Seems like randomness to me and id hope it was random if i didnt know it was as if god would do this to us then whats he going to do with us in the afterlife? I hope i dont have to spend eternity with a god kissing his feet and telling him how great he is. If hed do this to us then he would do anything with us that entertains him. If god created us knowing what we would go through before hand then he is responsible for what we go through which makes him evil.

  • What is this question even asking? Another bad attempt to bash Christianity?

    Everyone wrote assuming 'gods' is a god, that's not what the question states. So if anyone only believes in a single god or no god, they can't justify the multiple gods that they don't believe in...So to answer with sarcasm, I can justify gods putting people to suffer, what else can Hades do? Zeus can't keep it in his pants and that's all you need to know.

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