Can you justify the act of bringing life into this world?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Reproduction is literally life's purpose.

    Life exists to propagate itself. Continuing the species needs no justification because it is what all living things are genetically programmed to do. This is evident in all the diverse ways various species have to reproduce, and in the fact that older generations die to prevent crowding resources from their offspring. To NOT bring life into the world is to go against life's most primal function.

  • Bringing life into the world cannot be more justified.

    If the so called "act" of bringing life into the world had not taken place there would not have been the kind of events that have happened around. Right now if we imagine a barren civilization it is impossible to think of it, the kind of progress mankind has made with the act or the process of bringing new life to the world is justified with the progress each new mind is making in the betterment of the world.

  • Life here is cruel and unfair therefor its cruel and unfair to bring life into it.

    Everything about life is unfair. From what we look like to how we are treated its all unfair. Do you think your ancestors knew how to treat people justly? The color of your skin determined your fate. Something that is beyond your control was said to make you deserving of something. Today its completely different so we cant all be right and given the contradictions most have to be wrong. If you bring life into the world your perpetuating great suffering. You may never see it but its there. You dont see 4 generations down the line where little timothy grows up and goes to prison for something he didnt do or becoming homeless or what have you. But it will happen because you have kids who have kids. What your deciding when you have kids is to make others suffer for your happiness. Its selfish. And people say not having kids is selfish? Some of us spend every day wishing people knew right from wrong or that they didnt exist at all. People suck! Its not just the harm we do to ourselves its harm we do to animals as well. The way people treat animals is horrible, owning them as property and keeping them in cages when they have done absolutely nothing to deserve it. And you people think we are better than slave owners? Ha! I wish there was a perfect god who would punish you for your moral laziness. Unfortunately for me i cant believe that because the evidence for god is nowhere while there is only evidence against it. I see evidence for randomness in our actions. Every person has a different idea about what people deserve and who deservres what. And if there was a god you would expect us to all know right from wrong so that we dont do evil trying to do good which has been the case all throughout history. If god did this then evil is his fault because he caused it. Gratuitous suffering is an inevitability given the way god set up our brains without teaching us right from wrong. So if god exists he just created us and neglected us. I never asked to be here. I dont deserve to be here. So why am i here if not for randomness? Its randomness or wickedness on gods part

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