• You can if you KNOW you love those people...

    If you love someone you can love them forever..... But if you meet someone you may have to decide to love one..... Or both! You don't have to force yourself to hate, or only make them friends... But this doesn't mean cheating on two boys/girls. For example, If you broke up with someone, you can still love them.... But you are dating someone you love.... So its simple.... You like them both! And THATS PERFECTLY OK!!!!! :D

  • D u h.

    (Beware, the following contains sarcasm)
    You are only capable of loving one person!
    How can you love another person when you are loving that person!
    It's impossible!
    Never try to love more than one person or you will explode!
    Love is like a 500 pound weight. You can carry two, but it will kill you!

  • I think some people's version of love can encompass more than one person

    Love, like marriage, is a subjective thing, and specific to the individuals involved. It means completely different things to some individuals and cultures. Love is what you make of it, and as long as all parties are in agreement, then it's probably even moral for the acts to take place.

  • Yes because we meet so many people..

    Love is about finding comforting to be with someone. And it cannot remain limited to one person.
    You might be committed to one person but you can still find it good to spend time with others. You love your frends, family members, teachers. You are happy when they are around. They bring smile on your face.

  • Yes

    Yes of course you can love more than one person. This is possible because there are many different types of love, like the love for your significant other and the love of your children. I also think you can be romantically in love with more than one person because you might love them for different things.

  • Yes, there is different kind of love!

    You can love many people in your lifetime, but in different ways. When people have more than one child, you love all of your children, not just one. I have been in love with one man in my past, and I am in love with a different man now! I have never been in love with two men at the same time, but I know people who have been in love with more than one person!

  • Yes and it is easy.

    Most people will love a massive amount of different people through out their lifetime. Love is an emotion that humans are capable of having for a ton of people all at the same time. It is something that can be created from within one's self and destroyed within one's self. Each individual can love as many people as he or she chooses.

  • Yes, love has no number limits

    There are no limits or maximum amount of people that you are allowed to love. Love is something that is intangible and abstract. It is an emotion of the human being, not a solid item that you can give out only once. On the contrary, love should be given to as many people as possible.

  • No. At least, you shouldn't.

    Contrary to what society says today, love is more of a commitment to marriage than it is a feeling. So, in essence, you CAN NOT love more than one person for it to actually be called love. Now, there is an exception to the rule, if your spouse dies, you no longer "love" him or her in the commitment sense. Therefore, you can "love" again. Because the commitment no longer applies.

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