• Love is the most powerful in our lives

    Even when you just knew them online, once they became close to you even though they're really not close to us, but you'll feel the love, the honesty and their loyalty. The right time will come to meet him/her in person. LOVE WAITSSSS. ;) LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, BE. YOU. SMILE

  • I think you can love somebody you haven't met.

    Have you ever played an online multiplayer game and met incredible people?
    You end of keeping contact with them through other forms of social media, like Skype... I believe these bonds that you create with people are real, even if you don't know them in person and they're on the other side of the world. People say you can't love them if you don't know them. If you talk to them though, you do know them. Just not physically. It's their true personality, you can't fake that. You also can't fake emotion. So do you think you can fall in love online?

  • Totally you can

    You can love someone you met online you just have to be prepared for something different when you met them. You could love someone you met in a game. Or someone you met on social media. You just have to be prepared for a different reality. Just take precaution. Yes you can

  • Friendship is More Than Physicality

    Though many arguers disapprove of online dating or friendships, I believe that human connection is not limited to the fraction of a fraction of total people a person deals with on a daily basis. The Internet has given users a broader horizon to differing cultures and unique personalities they can interact with, so it would be a shame to reject a relationship, whether platonic or romantic, simply for not being able to physically meet that person. With handy apps such as Skype, Person A can become just as close to Person B as with real life relationships by learning their mannerisms and speech patterns. They can even surpass traditional relationships, because they feel they can share their feelings more openly over a screen. Many people, teens especially, feel that they have no one to turn to with their personal issues because of the looming threat of being bullied, isolated, and rejected. Since there is no way they could be socially victimized on a large scale, having Internet friendships could be incredibly beneficial. Given an outlet, more of the any who self-harm, feel self-hatred, and consider suicide could be given the help they deserve. A simply search on Goggle, and wherever the other person is in the world, they can call the endangered friend's local authorities. Much controversy on this subject revolves around a generation's resistance to new uses of technology. With the invention of the first phone, many jumped back in fear. After all, this could harm the, right? Being in quicker contact with people could let harmful groups organize stunts even faster. There are cons to every advancement, but we as a species must learn how to best tackle and eliminate the negative aspects of it to let the general populous have its advantages. We must join forces against the root of the problem, not its outcomes.

  • Yes...But Not Often

    Intimacy, other than talking, is needed.

    I do not mean sex either, although that is a strong argument. There is an intimacy to being face to face, to being in the physical vicinity of another person, their space, their aura---that you cannot get from online. Online, there is a small chance that you can find love, because we have all seen it at one time or another, but the chance is so small that it can't be that healthy.

    So yes, you can find love online, but the reality is that it is more abundant and you have a higher chance of finding it if you get out there and get offline!

  • Next we are going to be falling in love with robots

    And robots have no character traits, they are practically perfect in every way. Just like people online! They say things they probably calculated for 8 hours, they can delete the text before you see it, they can be a totally different person than they really are, they can and will say things they will never say in public, they are in a fake world. You can't fall in love in a fake world, or else the love is fake too. Seeing a person is half of getting to know that person. You see how they act, what they choose to say on a whim, how they do their hair, what their weaknesses are....... Seriously, falling in love over a couple perfect words someone says.......... It's not real, and it's a bit gross.

  • No, there is no way of telling who they are.

    Say, you love someone just because of the way the type, you only know how they type, what you do NOT know how old they are, what gender they are, and if they are pedal fires. Would you take the chance of letting a kid date online, dating online is for people who do not have social skills in real life. People dress up as a "hot" looking girl in a game when they might be a man who wants to kidnap you, because they are desperate.

  • Not In My Opinion

    Hypothetically, you could love someone that you only interact with via online communication, but I can't honestly say that I think this would be a healthy relationship. The reality is that if you never meet this person face to face, you would never intimately know them. All you would know is what they want you to know. People use fake personalities online all the time, and if they know what they are doing, they can even manipulate video and pictures to suit their falsified profiles. Finally, even if this person was honest and worth caring about, why wouldn't you be open to the same type of relationship with someone who was physically around? I just don't think this would be practical.

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