• Parents say you can't make friends online

    A couple months ago I met some people on discord and we ended up becoming great friends. One day my dad woke up and said that you can't make friends on the internet. But I don't think that's true, friends are people you can talk to and people you can trust with secrets. They ask you if you're fine and help you out. Well even if you don't know who is behind the screen. After knowing them for a while and talking to them daily they can be friends.

  • My best friend was an internet friend

    My best friend of over a year i had met on the internet. From the day we met up until now we are as close as ever. I miss her so much and the distance between us seriously sucks. But someday (hopefully at my sixteenth birthday) she'll be able to come out and see me. But either way; the friendship is genuine. I am her everything; as she is mine.

  • Interests bring people together

    I personally have five good friends online. My oldest (and still continuing) friendship is 3 years, and continues to increase. The ease of finding a person with like interests online and anonymity while being able to do so is a key component in building a friendship online. I enjoy having online friends - not only can I enjoy some anonymity, I know that the friendship is pure friendship with like interests instead of other motivators like sexual contact or a romantic relationship.

  • It's easy to make friends online.

    The anonymity of the internet makes it easy to make friends
    online. Actually, I think it’s easier to
    make friends online than it is in real life.
    Most friends have something in common, and the easiest way to find like-minded
    people quickly is to search online for people who have similar interests.

  • Define a friend.

    Depends on whatever you define a "friend" to be. Google defines it as: noun 1. A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. Based on that, yes, you can make friends online. I think it's stupid when people say you can only make friends irl because then you can physically interact with them. So what if I can't hug or high five people I know online? It doesn't make them any less of a friend to me.

  • There are very bad people the internet

    's the sensitivity. People take anything seriously. I posted an article showing that divorce really screws up kids. I got back a half-dozen replies, all from people who'd had divorces, defending their own decisions. When I said that it wasn't personal, they said they still felt attacked.
    There were other instances of similar behavior too. People hover around Facebook, looking for some reason to cause a scene. Why was this, I wondered.
    It seems to me that if you have found something worth doing in life, you're mostly doing it. That doesn't mean your job. If your job sucks, you've probably got a project on the side. You're not going to devote your time to screwing around, which is what most people on Facebook do.

  • You don't know who is realy out there.

    The Television show catfish revils the people who are making fake people on the internet to scam people to fall in love with them. So that there are less people who are stalking young people in the world that try to trick the helpless teens and young adults to fall in love with them.

  • Online real friendship

    I think that online friends should first be real friends. I have been travelling so much lately and I got the opportunity to keep in touch with them. I am not saying that online friendship is wrong but I will never be able to have a long-term friendship online knowing that I may never meet them.

  • It’s very dangerous

    You have to be very careful because you do not know who is behind the screen. Is he or she a good person that wants to meet new people or is a criminal that wants to abuse the person that have a conversation with. If you want to make a friend from the internet BE VERY CAREFUL.

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