• A foreigner's point of view

    The world feels safer with Obama as president. I'm sincere, we feel a lot safer. And although he pursues a policy of heavy agricultural subsidies and drone warfare, at least he isn't invading people left right front and center. Honestly, we feel a lot safer than in the Bush years, and the common view held in Europe is that, if a republican president is elected, there is once more going to be war, heavy guerilla funding, unilateral invasions and such. And we're terrified of that. Now, wether that is a correct perception is up for debate. But Obama has made the world feel safer and prepared to trust the USA. A little. The impact of president W.Bush's policies still remains extensive. The world will defenitely be watching the next US elections with a fair dose of apprehension.

  • More then one.

    Intelligence. Reserve. Resistance to big oil. Acceptance of global warming as a face, bringing the U.S. in agreement with 99% of the world's scientists. Challenging the gun manufacturers lobbying group, the NRA (don't believe me, check out the directors). Ability to converse and present intelligently (a most welcome change from the W.). I could go on, but I have to go back to work. The improved economy has made me very busy. Thanks Obama!

  • Yes We Can

    I, for one, disagree with several of his stances that are heavily supported by the liberal agenda. However, if there is one thing that I do admire about Barack Obama, it is his sense of poise. He appears very intelligent, calm, and cool in his demeanor, and I think that his ability to use his image is a huge part of what has made him successful.

  • Yes I can

    I can admire how he raised the stock market 140%. I can admire his fight for greater good for our nation, through taking the worst job in our nation, the presidency. I can admire that he wants to make every citizen pay and be able to pay for healthcare. So many things.

  • His intelligence is a welcome breath of fresh air.

    I admire that the president has had the moral fiber to stand up for ideas that do not have two sides, though some try to create a second. These are things like Climate Change, evolution, freedom of choice, gay rights, etc. He has, at least, attempted to compromise, and has succeeded in giving millions of americans health care that we so sorely were lacking. His intelligence on the issues is what I admire.

  • There is ONE thing...

    Aside from his ability to lie with a straight face, I can't really think of anything I admire about the SOB. He is, in my opinion, the worst president we've ever had. He has done more to reduce our freedoms than anyone else, and he has done major harm to our economy. He is also the first President to be elected for the color of his skin, and not the content of his character. I better quit now, before I say something I'd regret. Or worse yet, something I'd enjoy.

  • Nope... Not even as a fellow man with black skin.

    In 2008, my family voted for Obama. They believed he would bring change in America. To some extent he did.... But oh boy did the f**k us right in the down under. He said he'd pull troops out of the Middle East... They stayed. He said he'd lower our debt... Guess what hasn't been talked about recently. To be fair, Mitt would have been worse. Both pander to the same overall goal. One just seems better because he is black. Take it from someone who may very well end up in power one day, Not all of us have America's interest in mind.

  • No! He is lair. He blames others for his mistakes, and he purposely divides this country in half.

    I can't name one thing possible to admire obama. He is a lair and a manipulator. He put ruins to our country. His lies are very clear, but yet people still continue to say he's the best president. He has put a very bad image to this country. We are a leading country, we help our friends and allies. Obama has now wiped that out of our face. We can't be trusted as a friend nor a ally to be thereto help anymore. Our image, our pride, our patriotism has been taking away from us, and not only that he delivers speeches that tear this country in half, instead of putting this country together. He blames everyone else besides himself. And he makes excuses if something doesn't happen the way he wants it too.

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LittleBallofHATE says2014-06-17T04:18:20.740
Looks like the answer is no. LOL. Not one person admires him? For anything? How sad.