• I am proof

    I am living proof autism can be outgrown. Though the genetic traits of autism are still in your head, You can learn how to act like a non-autistic person. I've eliminated 99% of my autism by sleep deprivation, Hard work, And more. So autism can be eliminated if you work extra hard, Have a good time in life, And deprive yourself of sleep.

  • Kind of yes

    Whilst you can't "outgrow" autism, The symptoms can get less severe as you grow older. I was diagnosed with ASD when I was 6 years old, I used to be severely affected by it - having troubles with basic hygiene/self sufficiency and being very neurotic, But once I hit around 14 my symptoms gradually started getting better and now I'm calm and self sufficient.

  • Autism dose not magically go away It’s life long

    Autism is not a mental illness it’s a nurogical disability Studies show that there are differences between the brain structures of autistic people compared to nuro typical people to say that autism could be outgrown implies that the structures of the brain suddenly change to nuro typical which his highly unrealistic as brain structures don’t just magically change

    Posted by: Reli

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