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  • No.

    It is not possible to overdose on pot, but it still is not always healthy. Smoking pot can cause rises in blood pressure leading to hypertension and heart attacks, as well as memory loss. There is such a thing as smoking too much, but you cannot overdose and die immediately from it.

  • No, you can not overdose on pot.

    It is impossible to overdose on pot. Some people believe that it is possible to overdose on pot. The amount of pot a person would have to smoke for one to overdose is impossible for someone to smoke in a day. You would literally have to smoke pot like 48 hours with no break to overdose.

  • No

    There has never been a case where an individual has overdosed on pot. This plant has been around since the dawn of man-kind and has never killed anyone. The government has issued a negative connotation on the plant which has caused peoples view and understanding of it to become warped. This plant has huge medicinal value and is often overlooked by the biased opinions of some people.

  • Possible, but so rare that I'd say no more than yes.

    Overdosing on marijuana would be a pretty tough task. I have a hard time believing anyone would succeed in overdosing unless they had some serious determination. I don’t think it’s something one would do on accident, not likely. Not just on marijuana. There’s a good chance you will pass out and sleep before you would overdose on marijuana. I am sure it is possible, but I certainly think it would be rare to have a marijuana-only overdose. It’s likely someone would overdose when combining marijuana with other drugs, but alone, it’s pretty unlikely and not something you often hear of happening like you do when people use other drugs like prescriptions, or if a person has an existing medical condition.

  • No you can't

    You can't overdose on marijuana. There have been tests and it is virtually impossible, you would need to smoke an insanely large amount in such a quick period. There has never been any overdoes of someone from marijuana. Other drugs have thousands of documented overdoses but marijuana doesn't have any. Therefore I think marijuana should be legalized.

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