• Pedophilia Is Not A Disease

    There is no scientific evidence to prove that pedophilia is something bad that is caused by biological factors. Hatred against pedophiles is caused by social attitudes, Because in the past, Love relationships between adults and young people were accepted, And no one was traumatized.

    In the past, Pedophilia was good, But now, It's bad. This proves that the idea pedophilia is bad, Is nothing but social attitudes.

  • Yes I can do that

    It is a disease that infects the moment an adult starts to find a pre-pubescent attractive to them. The inflicted individual will deny it at first, This is where sane people go to get help. However a truly diseased individual will slowly start to engage with those thoughts in a more positive way. Whats next is they start to justify their attraction. People at this stage need help ASAP or the disease will fully take over them and its no different from a mental illness.

  • In response since I don’t have an account

    Okay your opening was ridiculous you’re saying “well othe cultures did it in the past so therefore it’s ok” those cultures are not compatible with the west. Besides even if it was accepted back then doesn’t mean it’s right. In the old days you could beat the shit out of a gay dude and nobody would care. In the old days slavery was accepted not only in the U. S but in the U. K and Canada as well. Are any of those right? No. In the Middle East they have sharia law where child marriage is acceptable along with stoning people to death if you criticize their religion. Well just because that culture does it doesn’t make it right.

    And I don’t have to show an MRI scan. A pedophile being disgusting is just common sense and I shouldn’t have to explain basic common sense.

  • “Pedophilia was good now it’s bad”

    Back then (just like being gay wasn’t accepted) pedophilia was way more hated on and back then if you were a pedophile people would line up with wooden baseball bats and then beat your skull out and no one would care. Now that’s illegal. Pedophiles are f***ing sickos and should be kept away from children.

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