Can you really blame someone for robbing a bank during economic hard times?

  • Definitely not at all

    Now I believe fast food is the worst time of job, and a crime in itself. However, there are jobs. Get a job at Target. They're hiring. So yeah robbing is never justified. There are other ways than robbing a bank, so yeah. There you have it. You have to go by the rules.

  • Crime is Never Justified

    Yes, you can blame someone for robbing a bank during hard economic times. Every one of us has been affected by the economy over the last few years, but between using our savings, unemployment benefits, and help from family members, we have survived. Many of us lost homes and cars, but we didn’t turn to robbing banks. Even in the worst circumstances, most people still have pride and would never think of turning to crime. For those people who are having an even harder time there are food banks and public assistance. There are always choices and alternatives.

  • Plenty of Jobs if You Know Where to Look

    Fast food restaurants and national retailers are always hiring. Temp agencies can assist in finding work on a daily basis. Stealing is a crime and there are no excuses for someone who robs a bank, no matter how hard the economy is doing. There are always jobs, no matter what and no matter where. You just have to look and work hard as opposed to doing something stupid.

  • Nobody Else Robs Banks

    Yes. It is illegal to rob banks, no matter the economic situation. That money belongs to other people who are living in the same economic client. Millions of people are down on their luck in hard economic times, yet manage to get by without robbing banks. It is an "easy" way out rather than actually trying to fix your situation.

  • Stealing is never right

    No matter what the economic conditions are, that does not give anyone license to commit crimes. Robbing a bank is wrong, regardless of the surrounding circumstances. If everyone resorted to crime during economic downturns, the world would be a chaotic, unpleasant place to live. There are many people who suffer financial hardship during these times, and if they all turned to stealing, we would be in an even worse economic situation. It is not fair to the people who work hard and live honest lives to turn the other cheek when someone commits a crime, regardless of the reason.

  • You can blame someone for robbing a bank during economic hard times.

    Even though the economy is doing badly, that doesn't mean that people can just start comitting crimes. The same laws are still in place, and the police will arrest people who try to break them. There are always poor people in the world. Just because you don't have money doesn't mean you can break the law.

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