• You can but they wont understand anything your saying because they are so close minded and irrational.

    They believe anything their leaders or parents tell them to believe every time. Now what are the chances that our leaders or parents are wrong. They are wrong so much more than 99.9 percent of the time and i know that because of the contradictions. There are far more than a thousand religions which gives us more than 99.9 just right there but then factoring in the denominations and interpretations you get like over 99.9999. So its ridiculously stupid to be religious and most creationists by far are religious. I only said yes you can debate a creationist because you literally can and thats a fact. Had the guy said is debating a creationist a waist of time or something i may have agreed. But they are completely irrational and believe in things against all odds and evidence. Just doing the math on the chances alone of your beliefs being the right beliefs should be enough to make you say i dont know. But your all too stupid to be reasoned with. (creationists)

  • You're damn fricken right i can...

    Yes, if you challenge me to a debate on creation, you're going to lose... The thing is, you will most likely lose because you don't know hat you're talking about, you will probably beat your self with logical fallacy and just a blatant ignorance to biology, geology, palaeontology and astronomy.

  • A more intelligent species above mankind!

    First of all, I have to say that I am FOR intelligent design, but I put reasons in the argument. I see God as the DESIGNER of mankind rather than the highest authority that all must blindly obey without any question. Since men have created robots, why can't men be the product of creation by a higher species? I think that is perfectly logical. As the product of creation, the Creator's intelligence and motive are far beyond our understanding, just as ours are far beyond a computer's. If one day a scientist creates a robot that can learn from the outside and use that to make better versions of itself, that will make that scientist a God while the robot the new human.

    The Evolution Theory tells us that men and primates share one common ancestor, but I'd rather believe that they share the same raw materials of genes. A pile of raw material itself cannot "evolve" into products, so it takes intelligent design to make the difference.

    Here I said YES because the creator and design of mankind is not necessarily a "God" who's still watching us and in control of us from above. It could be an alien race from another planet. We may actually meet them some day.

  • Yes, just as long as they are old-earth creationists.

    There are plenty of people who believe in science, with the sole exception that they hold that everything that we are observing (ex. Planet formation over billions of years, evolution, etc.) has been directed by god--as this is unfalsifiable and irrelevant, it is possible to talk to those people.

    Young earth creationists are simply ignorant, indoctrinated, or hucksters trying to sell you a product. They should be ignored to sit hopelessly in the corner while science and reason advance our society.

  • Be more open-minded!!

    Evolution may seem more logical by far, but you must hear out other peoples opinions before claiming that it isn't a necessary argument altogether. Us Christians have to put up with ignorant evolutionists shoving it down our throats, so the least you could do is stop and at least appreciate other peoples ideas and not claim that it isn't even worth arguing. That's just offensive to everything Christian's stand for

  • It's a waste of time

    Most creationists arguments are "God said and therefore...." Which is not a valid point in an argument because when it comes to debate you can not use the Bible or God as reliable evidence. I watched the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye and it was a disappointing debate because Ken Ham offered no new piece of evidence that has not already been refuted.

    I understand the need to discredit creationists and enjoy watching YouTubers do it, but I don't think that it's really a debate topic worth discussing since Creationists can usually never offer up any evidence that supports the idea that God creates the universe and Evolution doesn't exist.

  • Its the devil's work

    Creationists are hopelessly delusional. They do not take responsibility for anything unpleasant, and will always be the problem, not the cure. Anything that does not fit in their tidy divine heavenly universe is the devil's work. Every victim of a natural disaster, deserved it in their views. If the victims are totally innocent babies, 'the lord works in mysterious ways' is the inevitable conclusion. They believe this planet is temporary, and thus want it to be destroyed since that fits in with their idiotic prophecies. Trying to explain reality to them is the same as trying to reason with a thumb-sucking baby or a rabid, murderous jihadist.

  • No you can't

    Creationists are the most stubborn humans on Earth. Not even evidence can convince them that they're wrong. They have been indoctrinated and radicalized since birth by their over religious families. Like a wise man once said: “Rational arguments don't usually work on religious people, otherwise there wouldn't be any religious people" Dr. House

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