• Yes, you can study to the point of never doing.

    I think that it is possible that somebody can study something so much that they never actually do it. I think that some people are so intent on making sure that they know every detail of a subject or topic that they never actually end up using their knowledge. I think that people need to know when it is time to do.

  • It can happen

    Studies have shown that it's not just how much you study, but the way that you study that leads to long term comprehension and mastery of a subject. You should study a little bit every day so that you have to commit the information to your long term memory in your brain.

  • Take a risk.

    Yes, a person can study something so much that they never actually do it, because learning about something and doing it are two different things. A person needs to be able to take a risk. Put the book down and get out of your comfort zone. Some people are perpetual students. That is a good example.

  • Doesn't Even Make Sense

    I do not believe you study something so much that you never actually do it. I don't even know what that means or why someone would go about studying something. There are many things you can study without doing anything. History is a good example of this. Study all day, all you'll gain is knowledge.

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