Can you support the troops while opposing the war?

Asked by: jtightlips24
  • Absolutely Feasible To Do So!

    Supporting U.S. Troops has nothing to do with supporting the wars. Troops are like hammers. They are a mere tool. They don't operate on their own. It takes someone to swing them into action. Politicians, for whatever reason, initiate war. They are the force that mobilizes troops, launches air strikes, executes invasions, etc. The military is just the tool used for the job. If you don't support the war, then be angry with those who started it -- NOT those who are being used to carry it out!

  • Regardless of Either Argument

    The United States government imposes taxes on us citizens for a reason. We the people are supporting our troops economically by paying for the expenses on our military. According to nationalpriorities.Org, roughly 57% of the government's expenses will be used on military-spending. A part of that 57% comes from our taxes, and also can come from anything from phone bills to water bills. Companies have to pay a portion of their income to the government, hence the government spending on military.

    First off I would like to say that I would not like there to be war on this Earth, however, bringing my morality into the equation, it states in the bible that there will be wars. I would like the best for our troops regardless of whether I want war or do not want war.

  • Of course so.

    Our soldiers are out there risking their lives trying to fight for our freedom and the freedom of others. There doing the right thing by fighting for there country. Just because you don't like the war most certainly doesn't mean you don't support the troops. Dont hate the player, hate the game

  • Of course, we should always support the troops and question all military action.

    Saying that you cannot oppose a war without opposing members of the military is absurd. As Americans we should question all wars, and there should always be an ongoing debate over what justifies going to war and what does not. Ultimately politicians decide whether we go to war, and we have every right to question them and to disagree with them. Members of the military do not get to chose what wars they fight in, they simply volunteer to protect our nation and offer their lives in the service to this country. I served in the Navy under Bill Clinton, and I completely disagreed with most of his politics, however I would have fought in whatever war he sent me to fight in because that was my duty.
    Those that try to link support for a war to support for the troops I feel are mistakenly trying to guilt people into agreeing with a war that they would not support by bringing up the horrible memories of how poorly Vietnam vets were treated.
    America needs its military to ensure its safety, and members of the military are deserving of our respect regardless of what bad decisions the politicians that give them orders make.

  • Troops do not make the decisions

    The soldiers are brave and should be supported wether you agree with the war or not. When a soldier is sent off to war, it is not his decision, but rather the decision of their superiors. The soldiers fighting in the wars are putting their lives on the line and should be supported and respected no matter situation they are being put through.

  • The only way to support our military is to oppose sending them to war.

    Absolutely. By definition, if a person cares about our troops and their families then they must oppose sending the troops into war. How can a person claim to be empathetic to our military and in the same sentence want them to go fight? There is a clear difference between supporting a strong military and sending them off to fight and die in a foreign land where their efforts do not have the effect of making us a safer nation.

  • Unjust wars should not be supported.

    Many of our troop actions are created by greedy corporations and greedy politicians trying to protect their dollars. Those 18 year olds who are sent to fight do not have the brain development to make good decisions, which is why the government sends them. They are malleable . Their brains won't be fully developed until about 25, when it is too late.

  • Yes you can

    It would be extremely silly to be pro war. Liking the fact that people will be killed and property destroyed is the signs of a mad man. BUT, the reasons for having to take action is sometimes unavoidable. And when that decision is made it is the job of the Armed forces to carry out that action. Therefore we must always support them.

  • Don't hate the player, hate the game!

    Our troops get sent to war. They do not start wars. I think war is barbaric and am totally against it. I support our soldiers. They just fight to survive. Half of them don't understand it, but it's kill or be killed. I respect them and want them to come home safe!

  • How can I support troops while opposing the war?

    There is a fundamental difference between being pro-military and being pro-war. Being pro-military you understand or agree with the concept of having a strong and healthy military (Reasons vary between countries). But being pro-war is under a basic concept that you have to fight whoever it is for any reasons stretching from defense, conquest, regime change, national interest, etc.

  • Killing isn't justified

    I understand that it's not their fault for this happening, but with that said, there still should never be a reason to kill another human. Supporting troops, is supporting murderers. If no one went into action there would be no war, we have to learn from the past to protect the future

  • If that were the case, we would not prosecute individual Nazis for their part in WW2.

    US soldiers, like any members of any military, are morally responsible for their actions. And by and large, the US military has been the cause of more bloodshed, torture and decimated economies than ANY other country in our lifetimes. Not to mention illegal detainment, chemical weapons so on and so forth.

  • Of course not.

    In WWI and WWII, Canadian, American and British men enlisted motivated to protect their countries which were under attack. That motive does not apply to the Afghan war because we attacked them first and they have no means to invade us. (Even George W. Bush said that the Taliban had no rôle whatsoever in 9/11.) So what possible motives could motivate men to enlist for the Afghan (or Iraq) wars?

    They like killing and/or torturing people.
    They like rape. They can rape men, women, children or animals without legal repercussions or public shame in Afghanistan.
    They are such losers, even Walmart or McDonald’s won’t hire them. The military is the employer of last resort.
    They have an conscious or unconscious suicide wish.
    They are motivated like Crusaders of old, by bigotry to exterminate anyone of the Islamic faith or a dark skin.
    The master/slave dominance/submission culture of the military turns them on something fierce.
    They are clinically paranoid and fear Afghan goat herders hiding in their closets.
    Can you think of any others? With motivation like that, it is obscene that so many treat Afghan vets as equally heroic as those who served in WWI or WWII.

  • No since the troops ARE the war.

    I am fully aware that the vast majority of US troops are poor, not properly educated and don't have the foggiest idea of why they fight. However, ours is a professional army where you join of your own will and get paid to do so, so ultimately there's no justification for them to fight. Needless to mention, I would much prefer to see the rats -big oil, politicians, ivy leaguers- who send these poor guys to fight blown by a RPG than them, but in the end, what counts is for wars to end, whatever it takes.

  • No you can't

    It's a contradicting statement. You can't support the troops, but l hate what they fight for. My opinion, you shouldn't support the troops anyway. Why should I support someone who probably barely passed high school and is now legally killing people in another part of the world? Most soldiers don't even know what they're fighting for. Uhhh 9/11? Wake up, war is what America runs on. That an oil; same difference. If you support the troops then you also support helping destroying the economy. It's funny, we call it "defending our country" when were the ones attacking and invading the so called "enemies" country. Oh and the fact that were stealing their countries precious natural resources, I guess is just a coincidence..

  • The troops choose to contribute to the war.

    While soldiers aren't to blame for the war's conception, all members of the military make a conscious decision to be an active part of it. If you oppose the war, you must also oppose those who enable its existence. Can you blame the police for enforcing an unjust law? Absolutely. The answer to this is the same.

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