Can you tell a person's race/ethnicity by simply looking at their posts? If so, what race/ethnicity do you think I represent?

Asked by: Dishoungh
  • Yes on occasion.

    I would say that you are black, becuase white people don't say represent a lot. Not a racist or anything, I've just noticed that black people tend to say things like represent, yo, wassup,swag or swagger, and other stuff like that. I would say its a cultural thing. It's what makes people unique.

  • Not at all.

    It is difficult to determine something like this. Even if a person uses slang, it is difficult due to mixed cultures and advancements in education among all races/ethnicity. I did cheat and look at your profile though. Lol. Enjoy your spring break my friend and continue stimulate the brain via debate.Org.

  • Well, I can't.

    For some reason, people think that I am what I'm not in actuality, especially with the way I sound. The only reason why I even consider asking this odd question is because, let's face it, EVERYONE IS BORED. Spring Break is coming, students are excited, and people can't wait to go in the bed and chillax.

  • No, you can' t

    A person's race and ethnicity is based on their culture and ancestry, not just in their online posts. No one can tell who you really are as a person just by reading your online posts. This is why I disagree with trying to tell a person's race just by their online posts.

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Buckethead31594 says2014-03-20T05:21:58.597
Normally, I'd say no. But judging by the fact that you would have members guess your ethnicity solely based on your posts, I would assume that you are somewhat insecure with your ethnicity. Logically, I would conclude that you are a racial minority. If I was to say anything more, i would be labeled as "racist."
SweetTea says2014-03-20T22:49:12.180
Just out of curiosity ... How do you intend to prove your race/ethnicity? Are those who take part in the poll supposed to rely on the "honor system" aka your word? No offense, but I was just wondering. The cold, hard truth is that none of us really know who we are talking to ... Their exact age, gender, race, etc.