• Yes, you can trust Google Wallet.

    Google wallet is extremely trustworthy. They take many security precautions and are just as safe as the website you regularly purchase from. I have used Google Wallet on several occasions without any security issues. I would recommend the service to others without any hesitation. Google Wallet is entirely safe to use.

  • I believe Google Wallet can be trusted.

    I have a lot of support for Google, and Google Wallet. I believe Google Wallet is a safe and secure way to handle money. With the encryption and expertise that Google has already with money handling, and security, I have complete support for Google and the Google Wallet feature. I believe that Google Wallt will gain interest and traction as more people become aware of the feature that Google offers.

  • No, you cannot trust Google Wallet.

    Google wallet has quite a few functions that could be desirable, like virtually wiring money with emails, but it creates incredible opportunities for hackers. Over the past 10 years I have had my gmail account, I have been hacked numerous times. Why would I ever trust to have my financial security attached to something so readily accessed? It would not be a good idea to trust the Google Wallet function with your money.

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Anonymous says2013-07-18T23:39:51.983
People can hack into your account. It happens all the time.