• Yes, you can trust political trends.

    Yes, I believe that you can trust political trends. Though many people will say that political trends are nothing more than conjecture that is conjured up by phony pundits on politically-charged radio and TV shows, there are many political trends that have credence and deserve to be heard. Take for instance Nate Silver's 100% accurate interpretation of the 2012 Presidential Election results which he made by observing political trends in each of the key states of the election.

  • I don't think so.

    Political trends are the least trustworthy forms of media out there. It's already been proven that wealthy interest groups pour tons of money into these types of groups to influence elections and legislation in their favor. We must be very skeptical of these trends to pick out the lies and find the truth.

  • No. Since when can you trust anything political?

    Political trends are not indicative of anything. The only thing that we can glean from political trends is the passing whim of the people. Isn't that what politics is all about? Passing whims? I'm not sure who in their right mind think that these trends are trustworthy, but they must have been brainwashed somewhere.

  • No

    Anything to do with politics is always tainted with lies and deceit. I strongly believe that every single politician in office has lied to the general public in order to get where they are today. Individuals might enter government with a clean slate; however, money corrupts all and will eventually corrupt any political leader.

  • Anything politics can't be trusted

    It's short and simple, if politics is somewhere in a sentence regarding trust, then it can't be trusted. Campaign specialists and managers are constantly looking to sway statistics, maybe by a hair here and an inch there, but enough to subtly tip the favor toward them. It's sad really. Paying attention to political trends is only for the sway voter.

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