Can young adults today live out Martin Luther King's dream?

  • Anyone can do

    Almost anything - they just have to try hard. If people today are not racist then Martin Luther King Jr's dream has been fulfilled, right? But only the people can do that - no-one else can. It is up to every individual person to be more open minded - life is a lot more fun if you are!

  • Of Course They Can

    We are living his dream right now. Yes, racism still exists but these days, people are more vocal about putting a stop to it. A long time ago, being a racist was accepted but today it isn't. Kids can go to school with tons of different kids, you can get married to anyone despite their skin color and while I may not agree with his politics, we have a black man as our president. Martin Luther's dream is still alive today.

  • No, he didn't only fight racism

    Look at quotes from MLK, he didn't just fight for equality for African Americans, he fought for poor whites too, and against corporations taking control of the government... I wish he was still alive, he would do a much better job than politicians we have these days... He would do way better

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