Can young people lead the fight against government spending and debt?

  • Sure, why not?

    The youth have often been involved in movements in the past, so why couldn't they be a part of this movement? There are plenty of intelligent, young people out there who are capable of being activists. Why refuse them if they're going to contribute to the good of society with activism?

  • everyone can fight for rights.

    It does not matter the age of a person fighting for something they believe in. Everyone has a voice and and an opinion and in this country everyone has the right to speak and stand up for what they think is right and what is not. A person's opinion shouldn't matter less cause they are young.

  • The Young Can Lead

    The young can definitely lead the fight against government spending and debt. The best way to do this would be to not only vote, but encourage their peers as well. Writing local politicians and rally are also options for the young who feel the need to speak out on these issues.

  • Yes we absolutely can

    As a young person. I feel that can definitely have an impact on the government, concerning spending and debt. My voice is heard just like any other voting citizen's is... Our government needs to realize that until they can learn to control spending, with the revenue they currently bring in, our debt will continue to grow and will eventually get out of hand.

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