• Yes young people do have the power to make government more accountable.

    If the young people of the United States (US) would exercise their constitutional right to vote they do have the power to make the government more accountable by whom they put into office. Politicians currently listed to the people who cast their ballots on election day. President Obama was elected on the power of young voters looking for a change.

  • Yes, they will find ways to accomplish this.

    I believe young people right now have at their disposal ways to make the government more accountable. Young people are extremely aware and trained in cutting edge technology. They are not willing to sit back and do nothing as the government oversteps it's role and intrudes into an individual's privacy and rights.

  • Get Politically Involved

    Every generation gets its turn at being in charge, both in terms of being the government and influencing it. Different generations do different things; baby boomers did a lot of protesting and political activism with mixed results. It's possible that with the internet and the benefit of historical information, the next generation can do better, particularly in the area of being the government.

  • Of course they can.

    The best way for young people to make government more accountable is to get out and vote. I'm not talking about the presidential elections either. I'm talking everything from trustees, mayors, and assemblymen all the way up to the presidency. Also, start actually showing up to town hall meetings more often.

  • No, young people do not have the power to make the government more accountable.

    Because the government, such as today, is a huge central government expanded by Liberals who want nothing more than to take away your rights completely. They don't want you to have your freedom of speech. They're afraid of what you'd might say. They don't want you to be armed. They're afraid they'll get gunned down outside the capital building. The government is going to what they want when they want. They can now kidnap you and hold you indefinitely without telling anybody where you are. No trial. No phone call. No proof. Nothing. It'll be as though you dropped off the face of the earth.

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