Can your choice of outfit alter the probability of being physically attacked?

  • Yes it can

    Wear a shirt with letters on it that says "I hate #$%^ (racial slur)" in a neighborhood and walk at night with said people around and you will get beat up 100%
    Or wear a shirt with some offensive language in a bar or a shirt that says I can beat you up and you will get knocked senseless

    Women it does not matter what they wear because other women will always attack them verbally for what they wear.
    "did you see what see was wearing? "

  • It may be possible

    I really do not know whether outfits would alter this probability because I've never dug deep into it. I believe that all outfits except knight armor, Spacesuits, And possible soldier wear can't protect you from attacks from the outside. Outfits shouldn't affect the chances too much but there may be a chance that it is possible. You tell me.

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