Can your choice of outfit alter your chance of surviving a disaster?

  • It depends what we're talking about

    There are many disasters out there and we need to focus on one at a time to figure this out. I believe outfits won't do much in a Tornado or Earthquake as long as your under the table or in the basement. Outfits may alter survival chances in a pandemic if you wear a mask or face shield. But there are some other chances. For example, Being in floods, Tsunami, Or other disaster involving being in deep water, The more clothe layers you have, The harder it'll be to swim or get to the surface. Fires, If a wild or house fire caught by you, Hope your not wearing a dress at the moment because if it catches fire, Stop drop, And roll is your only hope since dresses are a pathway to all your limbs for a fire to go through. If you were wearing T-shirt and pants, You might be able to throw off the shirt before it hits skin or choke a smolder in your pant leg. Very complicated but it is worth studying and may have some future benefits.

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