Canada Bans Microbeads: Should the Rest of the World's Countries Follow Suit?

  • Yes, the rest of the world's countries should follow Canada's ban on microbeads.

    Yes, the rest of the world's countries should follow Canada's ban on microbeads. Microbeads are hazardous to humans and animals if swallowed and can cause environmental damage as well. They are hazardous in heat conditions, too. There is no real benefit to using microbeads over other types of stuffing, so yes there should be a universal ban.

  • Microbeads should be banned world-wide

    I believe microbeads should be banned as they are toxic to all breathing organisms. The microbeads are not naturally occurring, therefore do not break down within the body or in nature. This proves to be a problem when they are thrown away or accidentally ingested. Microbeads have no way of being reabsorbed or used to fertilize so they do not provide any secondary uses aside from their primary purpose, which could easily be provided by environmentally-sound materials.

  • Yes, microbeads harm the environment

    In my opinion, Canada made the correct move in banning microbeads. Microbeads harm the environment because they are not biodegradable and stay in the environment for years and decades. Animals in the environment eat these microbeads and become very ill. If other countries are serious about preserving their ecological systems, they should follow suit.

  • Knowing the enviromental affects of microbeads leads us to need to take action

    After using microbeads in many products for several years, we have come to be aware of the negative environmental affects they have when they leave our homes. We may enjoy them in our body or face wash, but that is not worth the harm they are causing. Studies have shown that, since there is plastic property to them, they do not dissolve in water and when they reach bodies of water and do not break down they clog things or introduce harmful toxins to their surroundings.

  • This is embarrassing to freedom...

    Has the world really gotten this bad that the government is now banned a physical object as simple as a bead? Liberals government just want to control everyone, not because they are dangerous. Anyone who thinks microbeads should be banned are either stupid, or lying to themselves. It's embarrassing how people are for this ban.

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