Canada-EU trade talks break down: Is the U.S. election affecting trade talks for other countries?

  • I agree that foreign trade talks could be affected by the U.S. election.

    with the United States at the center of much of the world's economy, it would be apparent that the current state of the U.S. elections are affecting trade talks across the globe. With the uncertainty of a possible Trump presidency, many countries are re-evaluating current trade deals and weighing possible risks.

  • Yes, the U.S. election is affecting trade talks for other countries.

    Yes, the U.S. election is affecting trade talks for other countries because so much depends upon who is elected president. If Trump wins, many countries will not want to trade with us any longer. If Clinton wins, other countries will see that the U.S. is not going to be permanently damaged.

  • The US election did not cause this.

    The trade deal between Canada and the European Union was rejected because of a technicality involving one portion of the Belgium government being shut down at the present moment. No one has suggested that the turmoil caused by the current election campaign in the United States played a role in the rejection of the deal.

  • Trade talks in other countries are affected by local issues, not the US election.

    The Canada-EU talks broke down because of objections from the Wallonian section of Belgium, not because of any possible events in the United States. Other countries are apprehensive that Trump will be elected, because they are worried about his anti-free trade stance, but on present polls he is likely to lose, so their trade talks are unaffected by the US election at the moment.

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