Canada Has Most Doughnut Shops Per Capita: Is Their Taste for Coffee to Blame?

  • Nothing better than coffee and doughnuts

    Who doesn't love coffee and doughnuts? Canada, with such a rich cultural heritage shared with France, surely must get its love of doughnuts from the delightful French pastries. And perhaps the doughnuts they create are delicious and the perfect treat with coffee. I honestly don't know the answer. But I would like to try their doughnuts!

  • Capitalism at its best

    Coffee provides a quick pick me up for millions of people. A single cup can turn your morning around. In today's western world, we all have an obsession with instant gratification. Companies have taken note of this desire and work to monetize from it. Coffee is something we have become accustomed to having daily. In a thriving economy, companies challenge the at home coffee tradition by ensuring convenient access to coffee on every corner. As we grow busy with our lives, often shuffling between work life and personal life, the coffee provides comfort and a break with the added benefit of caffeine. This addictive substance keeps you wanting more and the convenience of the multitude of doughnut shops works to creatively market various coffee drinks to offer a supply for the increasing demand.

  • No. Coffee and doughnuts are not the same thing.

    Coffee is a caffeine beverage. Doughnuts are a sugary breakfast pastry. Yes, most doughnut shops also serve coffee. It's a breakfast drink that helps get you going. However, having the most doughnut shops per capita is not related to a taste for coffee, it's related to a taste for sugary pastries and breakfast.

  • I don't like coffee but I like doughnuts

    Some people may think coffee and doughnuts go together but I don't think so and there must be others who think like me. Just because Canada has so many doughnut shops does not mean that coffee should be blamed. Maybe Canadians just like having doughnuts all the time. If they had too many coffee shops, then coffee could be blamed, but that's not the case.

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