• I'm Canadian and I think so.

    Canada is not an accepting country it puts on this mask and bigots live in anonymity. A parent can still beat there kid in Canada, Factory farming still exist, We have a suckish prime minister, High voting age. Personally I do not believe Canada is an accepting country. Very racist a ton of homophobes it's all a mask. (a mandatory face mask)

  • Alberta actually exists. (joke)

    Alberta's more American than California is. That's a great thing in my book!

    OK, But seriously, You think Canadians are bad? Spend time literally every f***ing where else. I say this as a fuckin' American.

    Your points are dumb and only are bad points in comparison to northern and western Europe, Which I've always seen as overrated myself. I'll compare your points to America. In the USA, We have child protective services, And they're of questionable effectiveness, So maybe we beat you out there. Factory Farming's f***ing huge in the US to the point where it makes Canada look like a bunch of pikers in the field. I think Trudeau sucks too, But that's because of my own right-wing biases, And your biases seem to be exactly the opposite--I'm pretty sure you'd rather have Trudeau than Trump. Voting age is equal to the USA's at 18. The South still has a bunch of racists and even in the "anti-racist" parts of the country we have racists (and it's not just the crackers), And as for sexuality, The South's still bigger on Christ than gays.

    I'm pretty sure you'd be thinking, "The USA f***ing sucks then. " Compare the USA to Botswana, Mexico, And Brazil, And it seems a hell of a lot better in comparison, And those countries I named are still far better than places like Libya (which us Americans fucked over before f***ing off and letting ISIS play around), Chad (which was pretty much fucked by virtue of bordering Sudan alone), North Korea (if you don't know they're like China but more blatantly obvious), And Sudan (which was fucked by Arabs after the Brits fucked over the Egyptians that fucked over the Sudanese). The world isn't just Canada, The USA, Europe, And "everything else, " there's countries you've probably never heard of outside of a geography class (like Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Haiti, Bhutan, Etcetera).

    Sure, I think Canadians are too well-liked in America, That they really aren't as nice as one would think, But you're just delusional.

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