Canada's immigration site keeps crashing: Are Americans really planning to move to Canada?

  • Yes, they are.

    Minorties and liberals are scared. They have been living in fear most of their lives becasue they do not fit into mainstream America. They had a brief period of time where they got to learn what it was like to be respected, and many of them can not live in a world that wants to kill them.

  • I'm sure some are

    Canada is sounding better and better to me, and i'm sure to many others. Ultimately this needs to be our America and we all need to work to make it better for everyone. After this election, as a woman, with a daughter, I'm feeling pretty hopeless and undervalued. I can't believe we're getting what will actually amount to be a more entrenched old boy network, despite people's embrace of change. However, we have to keep working and not give up. I know people who want to move and are truly afraid. If I were Muslim, LGBT, or a naturalized citizen I would be thinking about it.

  • Maybe a Few

    I think the whole "I'm moving to Canad if Trump wins" thing said by a ton of people, including celebrities, was just a bluff. I don't think the number of people to move to Canada will be as high as the number of people who threatened to do it in the first place. I did hear that Canada's immigration site crashed the day after the election though, so who knows.

  • Americans are not planning to move to Canada

    Americans are not planning to move to Canada. This is really silly because we hear this exact same thing every four years and when the rubber meets the road the losers never, ever leave the country. People that make such threats are cowards; one, for even saying it in the first place. Second, for not carrying out their promises.

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