Canadian Cannabis: Should Canada Legalize Pot and Update Their Drug Policy?

  • sure, why not

    It seems that Canada is moving towards changing some of its laws to become "pot-friendly" especially when it comes to medical marijuana. I'm not a Canadian citizen, so I don't really know how much enforcement actually occurs in terms of pot use, but several countries are moving in that direction.

  • Personally, I think its a great idea

    Although I do not live in Canada, I strongly support the legalization of cannabis. I think that both medical and recreational use have showed great results here in America in the states that have already made it legal. The economic impact is tremendous, and the safety and life-saving benefits are great as well. I support any country or state that wishes to legalize it.

  • Canada should legalize pot and update their drug policy

    Canada expects to vote on the legalization of marijuana in 2017. It is important to legalize marijuana and create an updated drug policy to go along with this election. Recreational marijuana should not be criminalized by the Canadian government. Decriminalization is the solution to the marijuana problem. Legalization and regulation is a far better solution.

  • Yes, it would be great for the country.

    There is no reason for marijuana to be illegal. It's safer than a lot of legal substances, and regulating it will make it safer and help the economy, in addition to keeping a lot of people out of prison. All countries should look into legalizing it; there are very few downsides.

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