Canadian detained in Turkey for allegedly insulting Erdogan. Is Turkey going to become a dictatorship?

  • It is in unrest.

    There are many problems in turkey right now. The President staged his being overthrown in order to seize political power and harm people that wanted to criticize him. Turkey watched as someone assassinated an ambassador from Russia. Turkey has a power gap now and it's likely that a dictator will come and fill the void.

  • Yes, it seems so.

    If the economy suffers enough because of the actions of the president then the people affected by his actions should be unifying and rallying against him. A two party system doesn't make that any easier, in fact it could make it much harder to unite people across party lines. Not to mention the fact that if the impact of tourism on Turkey's economy was as significant suggesting it would affect other sectors and therefore, upset, even more, people than just those involved in tourism in some way. There should be ample people that are displeased with the president if he's really destroying entire cities' economies with his actions.

  • Yes, the path to dictatorship is clear

    There is little else more injurious to any democracy than closing down news outlets and choking off freedom of speech.

    Limitations to speech seems to be the course taken by President Erdogan when Turkish police were allowed to assault the offices of Feza Publications, which owns two newspapers (including Zaman) and two TV stations, without any warning.

  • Yes, Turkey could become a dictatorship.

    Yes, it looks like Turkey could become a dictatorship based on recent actions that restrict personal freedoms. President Erdogan has been cracking down on personal freedoms in order to gain more control over Turkey. These crackdowns could eventually lead to Erdogan ruling Turkey as a dictatorship, because its political institutions are being weakened and corrupted.

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