• Yes, Americans should be free to travel to Turkey.

    Terrorists should not be allowed to deter the rest of the world from functioning. We need to learn to fight for our citizens abroad and there should be an international court or other venue to handle international incidents. The unlawful detention of private citizens should never be condoned, as long as they respect the laws of the country they travel to.

  • Yes, i agree

    There is no problem with the Americans traveling to Turkey. Just because a Canadian is detained in Turkey does not stop us from going to Turkey. The Canadian guy was responsible for his detention just because he insulted the president on social media. Therefore, he deserves this and even worse.

  • I would go.

    I would use caution, but I would still travel to Turkey right now. In most cases, the people who are detained are actually breaking the law or doing things that they are not supposed to. Until there is more unrest or problems, I would have no problem traveling to the beautiful country of Turkey.

  • There are too many dangers.

    There is a lot of danger in Turkey right now. There are problems with Americans accidentally crossing the Turkish border into other countries and being taken captive. Americans would be better off just not to travel to the country for now. There are other ways to do service work without traveling to Turkey.

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