Cancellation of developing world debt: Should third world countries debt be canceled?

  • I think it should

    Clearly third world debt is only making third world countries poorer. Look at Haiti. The debt they had to pay to France after they gained independence has been detrimental to the country and is now nothing more than a earthquake ridded wasteland filled with sickness, poverty, and governmental corruption. We see advertisements on the television to end poverty once and for all, but these people don't bother to look deep into the situation. If you want third world countries to develop into first world countries- cancel the debts. Have they not suffered enough already?

  • Yes i think the same

    Third world debt is just making countries worst and worst as i talk about the Italian state that because of the debts that had to pay for the Germans and the U.S.A. now is one of the poorest countries in E.U. I think taht it didn't actually deserve it as Ghana and others

  • Yes, it could be helpful.

    If I understand correctly this would mean cancelling the debt that third world countries owe to others. I think that is a great thing and will help that country be able to build up their community and society and hopefully get to a point where they are no longer called third world.

  • All Debt Should be Canceled

    We're living in a world that has rules that were made up years ago, if not centuries ago. It's unfair that our generation and generations in the future will have to pay the price because of the way things were done in the past. Third world countries should not be considered third world countries, there is enough in the world to go around for everyone. There should be no debt, there should be no owing another country money. All countries should consider everything paid off and start fresh. I know most of the larger countries would never consider this but it's the only way to give the third world countries and other countries a fighting chance.

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