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  • Great strides but not complete cure

    There has already been huge strides made toward the cure of cancer. Doctors have found a way to attack Brain cancer, which is the hardest to treat due to the blood brain barrier. There are so many strides due to scientists thinking way outside the box. The new direction is developing drugs to target specific kinds of cancers. It is an exciting time to be alive, in order to witness this phenomenon. Many forms of cancer will be contained but it will take a little longer to find a complete cure.

  • There is no money in a cure

    I may be a conspiracist on this idea, but it is my opinion that pharmaceutical companies do not really want a cure. If they cure cancer how will they make more money. I have read many papers about promising techniques to treat cancer with a promising outlook toward a cure and their research could not get funded. Drug companies make a fortune in treating cancer, why would they even look for a cure. I think we already have cures, they just are not made available. I hope they will one day.

  • I don't think we can cure all cancers in that time.

    Sadly, there are so many different types of cancer in our world. I am excited about all of the medical breakthroughs that have made it easier to fight cancer, but I do not think we will be able to cure all cancer in the next five years. I think we will have more medical breakthroughs, but we can't cure everything in that time frame.

  • No, cancer will not have a cure in teh next five years.

    No, cancer will not have a cure in the next five years. Although there should be significant medical advances made for cancer in the next five years, a cure for cancer is further off. Cancer is a disease for which doctors and scientists have been battling to find a cure for years. If they were very close to finding a cure for cancer, this news would be highly publicized.

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