Candid speech and independent thought are endangered concepts

Asked by: mentalist
  • Do you think for yourself?

    Independent thought and candid speech are on the verge of becoming thought crimes. Inflammatory and derogatory speech are unwarranted. However, thinking and speech that does not conform to a uniform standard or the status quo is omitted in the news, considered to be disdainful and treated as a threat in society. While harmony is a treasure, monolithic mind states are a travesty.

  • "vox populi cannot be subdued"

    It is next to impossible to say that candid speeches and independent thoughts are endangered
    candid means impromptu open unabashed straightforward and open
    do u mean to say that the public in general has lost its capacity to think and speak for it self? Has started to pretend more?
    U can kill an armourless body but u cant extinguish an ignited mind and u definitely cannot take away the voice of change

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