Candidate Ted Cruz: Should an Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist Advise on Foreign Policy?

  • That's Your Opinion

    Who is this person that is an anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist? What makes this person a conspiracy theorist? Is Cruz a conspiracy theorist because he wants to keep the American people safe, even if it hurts some people's feelings because they can't enter the country? There's no problem with wanting to keep people safe. Cruz has chosen good advisers.

  • Reasons and Results

    Hello everyone

    I am a Muslim. I always follow the American and British news and I noticed that majorit of Europen and American people think that there mustn't be discrimination among people about their religion. While there is common peaceful notion about Islam, Why we discuss this topic anymore? This topic is the money source of somebody I think. Everybody knows that killing the innocent people is forbidden in any religion including especially Islam. If you add this advice in your foreign policy, It means your are giving the reason to terorists about causing the terorism everywhere. If you always say Islam is peaceful religion, other Muslims will be stand with you against terorist groups. This logic shouldn't be forgotten.

  • Read the article!!!!

    While I think every should be allowed to advise , Frank Gaffney is insane and is incredibly hateful and if he got any real power such as secretary of state I would encourage protests and such. So in short while I don't think we should stop him from advising, we should protest and stand up to his hateful rhetoric.

  • The answer is in the question.

    Obviously Mr. Cruz should not have any sort of voice in foreign policy if he is already a biased person towards any sort of race, religion, or ethnicity. Also what the hell happened to all the other Muslims in the world? There's terrorists and then there's terrorists that are Muslim. The majority of Muslims are normal people like you and me who are disappointed to have people (who happen to be Muslim) committing acts of terrorism. I respect Mr. Cruz's opinion (albeit I strongly disagree with it) but I don't think anyone, myself included, could not make unbiased decisions with already having a bias. The president of the United States needs to be indifferent to race, religion, and ethnicity or he might as well resign right then.

  • Not all Muslims are Terrorist.

    This is something that bothers me a great deal, that we are clumping all Muslims into the classification of being terrorist. We get so touchy about racism these days and this is a form of prejudice whether some want to admit it. My biggest fear is that if an Anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist were to advise on foreign policy it would only make things worse. We need to stop with the narrow viewpoint and see that there is good and bad in all walks of life, instead of signalling out one group.

  • No, I do not think that Ted Cruz an anti-muslim conspiracy theorist should advise on foreign policy.

    No, I do not think that Ted Cruz an anti-muslim conspiracy theorist should advise on foreign policy because Cruz will always see evil in Muslim countries instead of him showing them respect and working with them to solve world problems. There are over a billion Muslim people in the world, and a President that is anti-muslim would not be the right person to advise people on foreign policy.

  • Foreign Policy Advisors should be Neutral

    Candidate Ted Cruz, an anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist, should not be permitted to advise on foreign policy. A foreign policy adviser should be a neutral party, working toward the benefit of his home country, and the countries with which he is advising about. He should not have a predisposition for or against any one race or religion or country; that would lead to unfair and unjust laws, policies, and treatment of certain people.

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