Candy companies fighting Ebola: Should more large corporations join the fight?

  • Everyone needs to help where can

    Ebola is scary and it is getting worse. So many people are dying daily and it's so sad. Also with Michael Duncan passing and also one of his care givers being infected with the disease, anyone that can help should. This could become even worse than expected if not contained soon.

  • Yes, it is going to be needed

    Ebola is very serios, It has already cause many casalties and is a topic that cann't be ignored. If we do nothing to stop it, Ebola will continue to spread. Everyone will need to pitch in to stop this problem. We can not ignor Ebola any longer, we need to take some action to slow and eventully stop it's progress.

  • Fighting Ebola is the responsibility of all corporations

    Ebola could be a major threat to the population of the planet. It is spreading through the world at an alarming rate, and unchecked could cause millions of deaths all over the world. It is the responsibility of as many corporations as possible to put their resources into fighting the disease as of course, if millions are wiped out by the disease, there will be fewer people to buy their products!

  • Yes! Of Course!

    More large corporations should join the fight against Ebola to emphasize how important the consumers' health is. Also, assisting would show that the company isn't there to just make a profit. Moreover, aiding in the epidemic would help boost any corporation's image. If no action is taken against Ebola, consumers might not feel safe to eat candy produced by companies near the spread of Ebola.

  • Any company within a thousand mile range of Liberia needs to step up to fight Ebola.

    I firmly believe any and all companies that utilize products that are grown or harvested within a thousand mile radius of Ebola stricken areas need to step up to the plate and cease their manufacturing process. It is far to critical to chance any cross contamination at this point. If chocolate is the first to take a hit so be it, I am sure we can all live without it for awhile.

  • Large Companies Need to Join the Fight Against Ebola

    As the latest news has demonstrated, Ebola has become a serious health epidemic that has implications worldwide. While more developed countries are showing the ability to fight Ebola it becomes obvious that with the proper care and treatment Ebola no longer needs to have such a high fatality rate. It has been easy to ignore the threat Ebola posed, but with the recent cases throughout the rest of the world it is obvious that there are implications for everyone around the globe. If corporations helped it would be possible to stop the rising death toll in Liberia. Any corporations that help in this battle would be viewed in a positive light. There is no downside to corporation for helping in this time o f crisis.

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OutsideYourBox says2014-10-15T13:52:38.400
Large corporations should invest time and money in helping to defeat Ebola, as we already have gathered it is a deadly disease that has caused thousands of deaths, and there is no cure as of this time. So companies should be trying everything they have in order to prevent the spreading of this disease, it is public health risk number one at the moment, and it seriously needs addressing before it may bee too late.