Cantor earthquake: Will Brian Ellis defeat Justin Amash in the Republican primary?

  • It hasn't been going well.

    It hasn't been going well for incumbent republicans lately, so I don't think that Amash is going to make it through the primary. Congress republicans have burned to many bridges with the public to really stand a chance against their competition. It's a sad truth that our government doesn't exactly inspire much confidence in the American people.

  • It Is Possible

    I believe voters are looking to replace their representatives during this upcoming election and since Brian Ellis is a fresh face, there is a strong chance he could over take Justic Amash. I think this is a good thing and it will make politicians pay more attention to the people they represent.

  • I don't know

    I don't think so but , because anything is possible, you never know. Amash is currently leading in the polls, and he seems to have been the more successful speaker in their debates. It seems that he also has slightly deeper pockets when it comes to his campaign, so it is a good possibility that Amash will beat Ellis.

  • People love Justin.

    No, Brian Ellis will not defeat Justin Amash in the Republican Primary, because the grassroots agrees with what Justin Amash stands for. Meijer backs Ellis, but the DeVos family backs Amash. Amash tells us how he votes, every single time, and he never misses a vote. He is an attorney and a decent person, not a fat cat, like Ellis.

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