• Money Doesn't Win Elections

    Brat was able to win this election by only raising 200,000. This is a huge upset in spending when you compare against what Cantor spent. This proves that people by and large are starting to realize that advertisements and flash doesn't make for a great representative. It requires a strong message that resonates with the constituents. Brat obviously had the stronger message that spoke louder than ad words.

  • Finally, it's about time.

    We're waking up, realizing that partisan bickering isn't going to help us at all. We're finally starting to see the damage the people in office have done to our country and we realize that we have to stop them. It's a good sign, now lets get some people who actually work for the people in office.

  • They always cave.

    Yes, people are finally waking up to Rhino Republicans, because they are figuring out that Boehner just has the Republicans cave at the last minute. The Republicans do best when they go the Reagan way. Whey they try to be just like the democrats, we have one party rule, and nothing constructive gets done.

  • If this doesn't wake up Republicans, what will?

    The Republican party already says no to everything. When a bill *does* get over 60 votes the abuse the filibuster. How can you compromise with this? Now Cantor was somewhat willing to talk, and give a little, but is being replaced by a more conservative candidate. Next budget, now maybe we can make our stock market crash. No worries, Bratt is a "Christian", so I'm sure God will work it out the way Bratt thinks God should have it be.

  • "RINOS" ? No such thing exists unless it's the factions who are trying to change Republicans.

    First of all, what's being called "rino" is what the Republican Party always was: the slightly right side of the American political structure.

    Second, while upsets do occur, the GOP isn't going to be taken over or taken down by any outsiders. The simple reason is that the corporate part of this equation can and will prevent that.

    The idea is out there that grass roots movements are heard by political parties. That's just not true. Though that illusion is cultivated by "both" parties (the right/left posing by politicians is theater for tv viewers, not real belief) in fact it is lobbyists who get pols to do things. The only ideology In either party is $$$

  • No, this loss was more about poor campaigning and outreach.

    First, it seems strange to think of Eric Cantor as a RINO Republican given his only major deviation from the party platform was his stance on immigration reform. Second, he ran a remarkably poor campaign against David Brat, including extravagant spending and a failure to even try to reach out to Tea Party supporters in his state. Third, he made a number of enemies in his attempt to control Virginia state politics who all decided to support his opponent, and his stance on immigration reform was the final push they needed to do so.

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