• It becomes so as soon as it abuses with buying political power.

    The U. S. Is a capitalist democracy. That being said, Capitalists- while having the freedom to conduct their businesses under a profit-making purpose- should not abuse their market or money power to intrude in governmental decisions that would collide with the interests of the society as a whole. A perfect example would be the over-prescription of opioids by giant pharmaceutical companies which led to an unnecessary "opioid epidemic" from the 1990s throughout the following two decades. Purdue Pharma was one of these companies, Which while pleading guilty and paying a fine of $600 million- small compared to its profits- went away without any further legal charges by the Obama administration, Who would instead continue to blame the Mexican drug cartels. Similarly, There was the case with the Brown & Williamson tobacco company, Which abused its power to increases addictiveness in its products.

  • Yes. Obviously yes.

    It supports the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, So it clearly is flawed. Stop using "poor people are lazy" as an excuse to screw them over. Many are oppressed and/or are unable to get a job. Say what you want about the affordability of democratic socialism, But it would improve overall quality of life.

  • What happens when someone grows to powerful?

    Say this man became the richest man and he decided he wanted more. He bought all the utilities and all the property. Then he bought all the farms and bought franchises and cable and everything he could buy.
    How can normal people compete with that?
    You could work hard a open a restaurant or some business. And if you did well you could open a chain. But mark my words people will sell their chain (one way or another) and all of the successful businesses become owned and merged.
    Multiple times the government had to break up companies because they became a monopoly. Corporations took note of that and bribe I mean lobby and now have a voice in government more than the citizens.

    You have problem right now. You must make more than 40K a year and you want more but you have no problem with your life.
    You ignore the millions that are poor and get fleeced by the rich.

    You are ignoring that we are entering the AI and robot age where a lot of jobs are going to disappear. Trucking, Car manufacturing,

    What are normal people going to do when their jobs finally gets taken away, Start a business venture? And it won't matter because the rich will probably buy out the competition or make a better funded business.
    America will have no more middle class.

  • Perfection is unachievable

    My arguments are not based on specific facts but based on a simple philosophical construct. How can anything be unflawed? This would require it to be perfect and we know, Nothing can be perfect.

    Although I say that it is flawed, I in no way say that it is the poor form of governance. Capitalism has survived many difficulties through time, While its competitors, Communism, Fascism, Etc, Have slowly fallen away.

    In conclusion, I say that capitalism is flawed, Although it is the best form of governance for the USA.

  • It's already better than a lot of countries

    To be honest, If you had ever lived in other countries with capitalism, You basically know how many problems they are having with the laws and stuff, Capitalism in the US is thoroughly mature then a lot of growing country.
    In conclusion, I think capitalism in the US is perfect.

  • Capitalism in America is Perfect.

    Capitalism in America is perfect. I think most people who complain about capitalism are just annoying poor people. Poor people need to learn to be rich. You need to pick yourself up by the boot straps and go invent something. If you can't go move to a communist country like Canada or India

  • It's working exactly the way it should

    To say the system is flawed is to assume the system is set up to benefit you. Capitalism, As it is in the United States, Is working flawlessly. The rich get richer, That's the beneficiary of the system. People will say that poorer people need to just work harder but the simple truth is that you weren't supposed to "win".

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GuyIncognito1 says2020-09-07T10:22:39.690
I guess the real question is whether American capitalism is true capitalism or crony capitalism.

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