Capitalism will be our downfall, and we need a socialist revolution.

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  • Capitalism will eventually fall and we need organised revolution

    Capitalism is not only a cruel and unjust system that will eventually fail but one which doesn't make sense. Considering that workers already create everything in society, it makes sense that they should reap the benefits of their labour, rather than a ruling class minority. Reforms are not capable of achieving this but only the workers themselves taking control of their workplaces. Furthermore, a socialist revolution is necessary to rid ourselves of social inequalities (racism, sexism, homophobia etc.) that come hand in hand with the capitalist system. Only a revolution in which societies oppressed groups are at the forefront is capable of achieving this.

  • Capitalism will be its own downfall

    Because automation to replace those pesky workers demanding wages will put lots of people out of a job. Once out of a job, they have no money that isn't from public assistance. That public assistance derives from taxes on those who make non-government income. Either the growing unemployment will mean increasingly fewer people who can afford goods made by capitalists, or it will mean increasingly higher taxes on capitalists to provide people money to buy from them.

    Either way, the capitalists will start losing money and downsizing, which will create a feedback loop that renders them penniless.

  • Socialism is a balance between Capitalism and Communism.

    I would agree with this, capitalism can and may very well be it's own downfall, but the one problem is that this is America, where socialism isn't a huge part of our culture. Capitalism's sole purpose is to make money, and this essentially disregards human welfare and such. Socialism is sharing put to the max. It wouldn't really fly here in America, but we should try if Capitalism does, indeed, fall and crumble.

  • Capitalism is an individualistic, thus from it a community can not benefit.

    Capitalism is an evil spawn of liberalism. Sadly, it chooses negative freedoms over positive freedoms. Capitalism does not believe in a person's the right to a home, or the right to an education. But it believes everyone has the right to have a home, or to have an education.The difference is that one believes every person should be given a home and an education, while the other believes that if a person wants a home and an education the state cannot take that from them. In this sense we can see the selfish nature of the structure. So capitalism can't benefit everyone, whereas socialism has an emphasis on positive freedom. If practice correctly, homelessness, poverty, and illiteracy can be eradicated. People enjoy bringing up Russia, who did not practice the same type of socialism I am speaking of. Russia also instilled a tyrannical aspect to the mix, forcing people into doing things they didn't want to do, thus taking away some necessary freedoms. I'm saying that a socialist society in which most negative and positive freedoms co-exist. Just imagine a reality, where taxes are used to fund education, infrastructure, and healthcare rather than military. After 9/11 America spent billions on military advancement,and trillions on war. Now post 9/11 America still feels like it must intervene with other country's while Americans are starving on American soil, or when most Americans are below the poverty line. Politicians and corporations are the only ones benefiting from war. These companies that build weapons make huge loads of cash, selling arms to both sides. Just imagine how much they made in the ISIS coalition thing, selling fighter jets,and drones to multiple countries. When anything is forced upon us like the Iraq war, one should always look out and see if anyone benefits from such an act. Capitalism allows for all this stuff, it allows for monopoly formation, and it allows for corruption.

  • We are a mixed economy

    We are a mixed economy that needs to ebb and flow. Capitalism, like all "isms" has its weaknesses. The ultimate goal of capitalists, a capitalist utopia, is to have a monopoly on a product that everyone must have that is produced at minimal expense. Those items that are discretionary and offered by a vast number of producers should be run in a capitalist manner, because supply and demand can dictate price. Items that are necessities should be handled by the socialist branch of our society. Healthcare is the biggest mismatch that we have in our country. It is an enterprise that is not discretionary (the option to die is not viable).

    Right now, the gap between the rich and poor and the concentration of wealth and power (between business, media and government) is so great that it is time that we had more (Citizen Unitedless) government intervention. If we don't allow it to be done in the processes defined by our founding, it will need to be done in the form of hostile revolution.

  • Socialism without Capitalism is glorifed Communism

    I am a firm believer that everyone should get the same amount of money as they deserve. The harder your work, the more money you should receive. Giving out money to the homeless will not put them back on the job. It will turn them into leeching moochers. You wanna know why Socialism fails? Go ask Russia.

    Posted by: LDG
  • Socialism is not freedom

    Socialism is what Nazis and soviet union practiced. Do we really want to be the worst country ever. Remember this country is a free country and if you don't like it move out. The US dose not want you here. We are free to do what ever you want to.

  • Every socialist and communist state to ever exist has fallen apart.

    Socialist and communist states have never ended in peace and prosperity as it promotes equality of outcome rather than equality in opportunity. Equality of outcome is a utopian ideal that is impossible to attain where everyone perpetually has equal wealth, whereas equality of opportunity is giving everyone in society the same chances to be successful as any other person, something easily achievable in a capitalist society.

    There is also the fact that communist and socialist states are invariably impoverished. Venezuela is a good example of this fact. 4 out of every 5 Venezuelans today are below the poverty line. Food and basic necessities are scarce. Riots against the now tyrannical socialist government are commonplace. And this is just one example.

  • Ever heard of balance?

    I always wonder why people always pick a side in the socialism vs. Capitalism argument. I believe that both pure capitalist and socialist societies are flawed models which take different paths to the same inevitable end goal of cronyism and class warfare. Both forms of society inevitably produce a power base with a clear distinction between the haves and have nots. The Founding Fathers of this country realized the flaws of each system and constructed a government model reliant on socialist and capitalist ideals working together. They knew the ignorance inherent in the masses could be dangerous, but also recognized the dangers of a unwieldly power base.

    Socialist elements.
    - Government control of a common military
    - Government control of multistate infrastructure (highways, postal service)
    - Electoral college takes direct election of the president out of the hands of a possible uneducated populace.

    Capitalist elements
    - Bill of Rights affirms (not grants) the rights of the people and tells the government what it cannot do.
    - State power trumps central government power with a 3/4 majority vote
    -Representatives are regularly elected by the people with new laws being bound within the borders of the US Constitution (A republic)

    There is a reason we have not descended into the wild west, nor have we become a giant working class feeding the national machine of industry. America has proven that you just don't blindly follow a set of economic principles within a given system. You learn from the past follies of nations and pick what works and what doesn't from the entire pool of history.

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