• Loaded question: It assumes capitalism does not work.

    Capitalism works. Socialism does not. PERIOD. Economic systems are not sentient and do not have feelings of care toward anyone. However, Based on what I think you are saying, Capitalism "cares" about people in that it lets them move up. The wording of this question is stupid and capitalism does in fact work.

  • Capitalism only cares about the rich greedy

    Capitalism only favors the rich people while the other people who are just average people have to live as wage slaves just to make ends meet, They need to finally share the wealth and let other people have a say in their business and then when something doesn’t work it’s on the worker or they just get fired and then they go home to their kids with no choice with no food or money :(

  • The way this worded, Would be no.

    Capitalism would work if it cared about the average person. Capitalism is about increasing one's wealth. By definition it can't care about those beneath you. Caring about the average person "in America's" point of view would be socialism.

    But the problem is we are using "cold war" terms of capitalism, Socialism and communism. They are massively outdated and people use them to point out failures of other countries. None of these system would work in the modern age. US is proof capitalism doesn't work in the modern world. It's more corporatism that we have.

    If you look at the happiest countries in the world. Finland, Norway, Sweden, Canada and Switzerland (just to name a few). Things that shouldn't be private are public. Health care and education are sort of taken care of. Many citizens would say "their countries are "capitalistic". To which they are mostly capitalistic.

    All I will say is this. Spending tax payer money on the tax payers isn't socialism. Making some industries public instead of private isn't socialism. Like with health care, Education and such. Rising the taxes on the rich isn't socialism.

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