• Freedom, anti-slavery, individual rights.

    Individual freedom allows PEOPLE to choose their reality and future. When government does it you are a slave. Free-market competition unfettered by intrusive government regulation is, and always has, what creates wealth and prosperity for all of society. Why are Americans considered rich compared to the rest of the world? Capitalism.

  • Capitalism is better than socialism.

    Capitalism is better than socialism. It was capitalism that helped America grow
    into the most powerful country in the world.
    At the end of the day, money controls everything. Capitalism motivates people to work and do their
    best in order to earn as much money as possible. Capitalism makes more people rich.

  • Look at the USSR

    The USSR was communist for over 50 years, and didn't fall apart until we elected an idiot. America, or, as it is known by morons, the best military power in the world, fought Vietnam. They had to pull out, even though they say they always win. USSR got to space before anyone else, defeated the Nazi

  • Best for the economy

    Socialism is the best way for many different things - namely the economy. The economy (and big corporations) are ruled by the few rich people rather than the many poorer. Socialism is great as it allows the people at the bottom of the wealth ladder to take control of their own lifes through cooperatives etc.

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