Capitalism (yes) vs. socialism (no): Which is the superior system, capitalism or socialism?

  • Capitalism is superior in every way shape and form

    The argument usually made when defending socialism is that it is more fair to society than capitalism. This is not a true statement. Socialism is based on the premise that the rich are taxed more to help lift people out of poverty. This is not fair as the people who have been proven to work harder and provide more for society(i. E wealthier people) are not being rewarded for their efforts as a larger portion of their money is being given to people that are poorer and generally more lazy. Tell me how this is fair. Also, Business cannot thrive under the turmoil of socialism. Why? Because socialism creates a society where everyone is equal, Even the people who deserve it. How do you think business thrive? They need investments. Currently, The rich invest LARGE portions of money toward small business and companies in the hopes of making themselves more money and helping the business. As I said before, There are many reasons why one may end up in poverty. The main one though happens to be bad decisions. Many people in poverty made bad decisions to get there. Yes, It may be true that many people start at low standpoints making it more difficult to be wealthy than others. But many people that end up in poverty began with a chance not to. They are usually lazy or wasted all their money and ended up being in poverty. The only way for an economy to thrive is for their businesses and companies to make new products which will net them more money. If we bring the poor up and the rich down, The people who don't deserve the money will have it. As I stated earlier, Many people in poverty made bad decisions with their money. If the poor are given money for not working hard, They definitely will not invest their money in business. And the smarter people will have no incentive to do so because there is no point in getting rich if it will all be taken from you. This is why Capitalism is superior

  • Capitalism is superior in every way, shape, and form

    I hate to break it to you, socialists, but your system doesn't work. It requires too much government oversight to handle, and on top of that, it's morally unfair. In capitalism, you get more money the more work and the better quality work you do. Socialism takes that system away, and replaces it with forcing hard workers to give money to people who aren't putting in as much work. Don't get me wrong, capitalism isn't perfect, but it's the best and fairest economic system we've had to date.

  • Capitalism, but only for a certain reason.

    Don't get me wrong, socialism is superior, but only if it was possible to make a successful government using it. True Socialism is impossible, but if someone actually made a government with a successful socialist government, it would be an Utopia. You have to remember that we would need to get rid of all monetary values and make everyone dependent on everyone else. Not many people would support that. Some people would not work, so everyone who does work would have to support a lazy person who doesn't contribute to society.

  • Not corrupt communism, equality

    Although not much of a politician I believe capitalism is failing. We can see that with the economic conditions today and should have learnt from the tragedy of the Depression. Communism brought on by revolutions has never been successful but if society had more planning and time to adapt I believe socialism could work. I think the ideal structure would be like a tribal existence, not necessarily primitive but small, mostly self-sufficient communities which share resources and have little difference between the wealth of their members. Money never made anyone truly happy.

  • No. Capitalism is not inherently superior.

    It is not easy to say which is better. Both have been subject to corruption and greed from within. It does not seem as if capitalism is inherently better, though. Self aggrandizement by leaders is present in each of the systems. Until we have fairness in either system, neither will be good for its citizens.

  • Socialism is a slight favorite against capitalism.

    Truth be told, I'm not sure one system is "superior" to another. They both have their strong point and pitfalls. We currently exist in a socialist society driven by capitalism. We are social animals by nature, and have traditionally done well in some sort of hierarchy. Pure capitalism leaves you at the mercy of those with the most money always getting their way. Pure socialism leaves you at the mercy of those with the most power always getting their way. A strong mix of the two i believe is an ideal society. The reason though that socialism is the slight favorite is because capitalism can exist in a socialist society, but socialism has a hard time existing at all in a capitalist society. This is what splits the decision for me, to throw a 5-4 supreme court style decision in the direction of socialism.

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