Capitalism (yes) vs. socialism (no): Which system better protects rights?

  • I get it has problems.

    It may have problems but why no t temper it with socialism? The problem is neoliberalism. Even in a socialist nation there has to exist some form of capitalist traits because people who are just better will want more. Because of everything I'm going with the lesser of two evils but know it is only slightly the lesser!

  • Capitalism is a system in the hands of the people

    Although capitalism can sometimes be seen as corrupting the government by controlling them with money, socialism does not at all protect the rights of its citizens. Whatever the government decides is good for the people is the absolute rule. At least with capitalism the people will always have a say, whether it be through corporations or grassroots organizations.

  • Socialism provided a truer freedom

    In socialism, no one is forced to work, where as in capitalism everyone is forced to work, unless they have money. In capitalism, those with money, from whatever source, are the owners of labor for as long as they have money, they don't have to work, but can pay others to do their work for them. No person should own the labor of another. Socialism better protects rights.

  • Socialism is for the people

    In a capitalist society there are no rights in the work force. You are told when to take a break, when you can use the bathroom, what you can wear, how to talk, whether you can have body modifications, etc. You're entire life is controlled simply to make someone else richer. You are a slave to the system.
    In a socialist society the wealth is distributed more fairly through taxes and the income isn't equal either. In a socialist society a mother can work 40 hours a week and provide for her family. In a capitalist society 40 hours a week won't even get you out from under the bridge. In a socialist society every one has access to basic necessities like healthcare, food, water, shelter, education.

  • Corporations don't want your safety or to uphold your rights; they only want your money!

    Quite simple, really! Accept that corporations are NOT out to help you or defend your rights! Their sole raison d'être is profit! They serve their shareholders and reward CEOs who make more profit for their shareholders. Once you know that then you can move beyond trying to lobby them or appeal to their 'better nature' and just elect a government that is BY the people FOR the people and will impose reasonable controls to defend you and your rights against their selfish ways.

    The biggest enemy of human rights is a 'free market' since it believes that somehow these corporations will grow a conscience if you just 'stop badgering them with damn regulations!' Fantasy!

  • Socialism protects rights.

    Unlike capitalism, which basically makes the rich much more wealthier, socialism protects the poor. The Nordic countries are among the best in the world due to the fact that they have implemented socialist policies that have helped the people. They have the lowest income inequality, the best educational system, etc. Capitalism on the other hand leads to multinational corparations getting bigger, a credible example being Congo where they have been multiple cases of the people being mistreated by multinational companies.

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