Caps on public university tuition fees: Should public university tuition fees be capped at a certain level?

  • Public university tuition fees should be capped at a certain level.

    Everyone should have the right to a university education. However, tuition prices today are skyrocketing. In order to ensure that everyone who wants to go to college can do so, there should be a limit to how much universities can charge students. Educating the population will make people happier and it will produce a better workforce.

  • Yes, public university tuition should be affordable.

    Yes, public university tuition fees should be capped at a certain level, so that all children, regardless of socioeconomic status, can attend. It is also unfair to students to graduate them with insurmountable debt. Unfair debt levels do not allow students to own homes and raise families. Tuition should be kept at affordable levels so as not to enslave these children to their futures.

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