Captain America 2: Is it be better than the first Captain America movie?

  • It looks better

    Captain America: Winter Soldier looks like a better movie than the original. A lot of times it is the origins story that is harder to get through and buy into because there is so much mythology that you need to learn. I think that the second one will be much better.

  • Yes it is.

    I do think Captain America 2 will be better than the first Captain America. The reason for this is because I think they have learned from the mistakes they made in the first movie. I always have this outlook for movies, though it is not always right, obviously. One can only hope.

  • Yes it is.

    The first Captain America movie ran with very little plot points, and seemed to be a jumble of multiple sections of the comic into one. Captain America 2 seems to fallow a plot point, has a decent story behind it, and remarkably fallows the story from the comic without mashing it together to fit a Hollywood style.

  • NO it isn't

    Captain America 2 isn't so good.. This movie did not surprise me at all, like most sequels, the hero was in a big trouble then he found the way to solve this; I don't mean this is not right but the story should add something that can attract people's eyes. The fighting is an important element of a movie but the movie shouldn't use too much action. And plot line is the most important thing which the Captain America 2's weakness.
    PS. My English is not so good so forgive me : )

  • Captain America 2 was Pretty bad

    Captain America 2, like most sequels, was way to much action and not enough plot line. As if corny superheroes who use shields in modern society are not tacky enough, some of the fighting was so choreographed that it was actually painful to watch. The first movie offered a level of excitement that didn't exist in the sequal.

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