• I have to go with caramel corn

    I like both of course but caramel corn is sweet and taste even better when it is mixed in with cheese corn but essentially I prefer to have more caramel corns than any other in any given quantity. Kettle corn just does not deliver as much taste as a caramel corn does.

  • yes it should

    Kettle corn is the best! First time on website! I think that kettle corn is better because of its original flavor. You can taste the many elements that make up a good batch of kettle corn. The sugar, the light butter,and a hint of salt. So crunchy and delicious. On the other hand is caramel corn. It's ok...For the first couple handfuls. Than you have to deal with the caramel getting stuck in your molars. No one looks good digging out old foodfrom their mouth. Plus the caramel is an over powering candy. The popcorn is just coated so much with the stuff that you can't even taste the original flavor. Caramel corn just makes me want to vomit sometimes but kettle corn I can eat by the 7 dollar bag.

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savvga13 says2013-09-22T22:57:09.577
Which one is yes and which one is no?
savvga13 says2013-09-22T22:57:47.080
If kettle is buttered, then kettle definitely! I like my caramel, but it's too sticky sometimes.