Carbon capture and storage: Is carbon capture good technology and investment?

  • Carbon Capture is Good Interim Technology

    Carbon capture technology is a good technology to reduce CO2 emissions while the world develops and institutes cleaner, renewable energy sources. Because we need to protect the environment now, carbon capture is a necessary step during the time it takes to make these changes and it is worth the money to reduce environmental toxins and protect the world for the future.

  • yes it is a good investmenrt

    Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies can capture up to 90 percent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from a power plant or industrial facility and store them in underground geologic formations.
    Carbon capture has been established for some industrial processes, but it is still a relatively expensive technology that is just reaching maturity for power generation and other industrial processes.
    There are twelve active commercial-scale CCS projects at industrial facilities around the world (eight of those projects are in the U.S.), and approximately 50 additional projects are in various stages of development around the world (Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute project list).The world’s first two commercial-scale CCS power plants -- Southern Company’s Kemper County Energy Facility in Mississippi and SaskPower's Boundary Dam Power Station in Saskatchewan, Canada – are under construction. They are expected to be completed in 2014.
    There is a growing market for utilizing captured CO2, primarily in enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR). Selling captured CO2 provides a valuable revenue source to help overcome the high costs and financial risks of initial CCS projects. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that CCS can achieve 14 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed by 2050 to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius (IEA CCS Roadmap).

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