Cardale Jones turns down the draft: Should college athletes be able to accept pay before their NCAA careers?

  • Think about Gymnastics

    The rule that you can't accept pay before you join the NFL draft is good for football players, because most of their career is after their NCAA career. But for a gymnast, the vast majority of their earning potential as a professional athlete occurs before they enter the NCAA. So it's only fair that they should be able to accept pay.

  • College atheletes should not receive financial gain.

    It is a very touchy subject, but by no means should college athletes receive pay, or any other type of gains while they are playing college sports. By allowing this, the NCAA and other college organizations run into a situation where players could become more corrupt than is already happening.

  • Disagree, college atheletes play voluntarily.

    College athletes choose to play sports because they are indeed compensated even though it is not monetarily. Athletes can receive scholarships, academic leniency, and full fill their own personal pleasures through playing college sports. College athletics should be an audition for the chance to play professional sports in which they may earn money.

  • NCAA athletes are amateurs

    Most high school students could only dream of a gaining a free education at today's prices. Today's NCAA athletes not only get a full ride, but also gain the notariety that can be cashed in after graduation.. With tuition at some schools going over $40k, college atheletes have it pretty good.

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